Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't Even Have to Pursue It

After that downer of a post last time, I thought I'd share some of what true happiness is in the house of geek.

*Watching a four year old eat a Dilly Bar for the first time.

*The first curly heads of rhubarb bravely pushing their way into the sun.

*Bubble Baths.

* The hoopla the media made over Ed Stelmach's brother-in-law buying a Wild Rose Alliance membership. (Politics + Pretend scandal= True joy for this Geek.)

* Lent is over. Let the chocolate games begin.

* Two full bread boxes.

* Eating supper while the sun is still shining.

* All those little girls in Easter dresses at church yesterday. Bonus happiness points, their hair was all cute and I got to admire it but didn't have to fix it.

*Two blondies with crew cuts.

*Husbands with twinkly eyes.

*Playing soccer with a four year old "coach"

*Listening to a five year old "read".

* Asparagus in cheese sauce on toast.

How about you? What makes you smile this Monday morning?


Nicole said...

Love it! (Is there anything better than Dilly Bars?)

I am doing soccer scheduling for our community this morning, which is NOT making me smile...but it's going to be a lovely day and my yard is starting to look green! Well, slightly less brown.

Knittinchick said...

*listening to Spud's rationale that yes Auntie KC should climb up the climbing tubes at B*urger K*ing

*sitting through easter service thinking of the power that raised Christ from the dead being in me!

*taking the kids that you were babysitting out for Dilly Bars and then delivering them to other people who are babysitting others' kids as the Dilly Bar Fairies! Is there anything more fun that a surprise like that at your door?

*long days.. welcome sunshine, we missed you!

granola_granny said...

-Three blondies in crew cuts.
-Singing 'Man of Sorrows' with passion
-learning something I didn't know before about the Easter story
-Visiting with relatives after a delicious dinner
-Waking up and reaching out to touch the man I love
-tulips in a vase on my kitchen island

Janet said...

Getting my storage room cleaned.

THe fact that my son made lunch for us all.

Going out on a DATE tonight with my hubby.

My daughter reading bible stories out loud to me.


It's all good.

Nicole said...

I spent hours - HOURS - today doing our community's soccer schedules, which is not smile worthy but I THINK I may be partway done. That is smile worthy.

I love your list. Dilly bars are the best. Also, I feel much joy in having boys' hair to brush (which takes less than 10 seconds, hooray short cowlicked hair).

Lady Why said...

Dogwood trees in full bloom and walking on my deck at 9:30pm barefoot! As in no socks! Yay for Monday!

a Tonggu Momma said...

the very fact that you wrote this post ... THAT made me smile