Friday, April 16, 2010

Seven- quickly

1. Sprout and I were at the park the other day and there was a little girl there with those squeaky shoes. OH MY WORD. Those are right up there next to Barney in the whole realm of "ways to drive mommy into an institution." The thing I can't figure out is most toddlers I know make a fair bit of noise. All the blessed time. Who in their right MINDS would want to add to that? After only three minutes I wanted to grab her feet, take the shoes off and permanently remove the squeakers. But since I'm writing to you from my house and not jail, you'll be glad to know I refrained.

2. I have been waiting quite some time for word on the DS. (That's Dumb Surgery for those of you new here.) After much prompting (because I really hate calling and being a bother) I finally called the Dr.'s office to get to the bottom of the delay. It turns out, the operating room office had the wrong phone number for me. The lady I talked to told me she was "just about to give up." Which I guess is one option. Another would be to CALL MY SURGEONS OFFICE JUST TO CONFIRM THE CORRECT NUMBER. But I guess everyone has their own way of doing things.

3. This delay means that my surgery most likely will now be at the very beginning of May.

4. I'm still looking into the feasibility of someone liveblogging it.

5. Not really. I'd like to keep the audience of three that I already have. I have a feeling that the nitty gritty details of an open lung surgery might turn you off. I DO have this wonderful idea in my head that I will get a whole bunch of posts done up ahead to run while I am out. I also have a sneaky feeling that this wonderful idea will stay in my head and not actually happen.

6. Last Thursday night we had a blizzard. Seriously. There was a 50 car pile-up on the highway, we lost power for a while (along with most of the city) and when I stood in my kitchen watching the snow swirl I could not see the back fence. This Thursday I took sprout to see the Dinos at the zoo. It was so warm we had to take our coats off. This is probably one of my favorite parts of an Alberta April. We get to experience all four seasons jam-packed into one little month.

7. I got a pedicure for the second time in my life this week as part of a birthday gift. I went with my cousin. It was all kinds of fun. I was a little nervous when she pulled out this thing that most closely resembled a cheese slicer and started in on my heels, but it didn't hurt at all and now I have pretty pink toes. I may have to do this again in five years or so.

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Nicole said...

1) I hate those shoes.
2) I'm still laughing about giving up being one option.
3) Oooh, the blizzard. That morning at school pickup the other moms were like, I heard it was supposed to rain, doesn't look like it, ha ha ha. Hooray for AB.
4) Now that you have a pedicure you should go shopping for sandals. And a handbag. Hugely kidding.

Jenny said...

Wow, that's a little concerning that "giving up" was an option! I agree with other comment, now you need some sweeeet summer shoes to go with your pretty toes!

Knittinchick said...

those squeakers are supposed to encourage proper posture-I kid not! but the best part is the taking the squeaking part out ... so they are normal shoes. Do you think that the kid would notice a stranger taking them out???????

RE: pedicures. I haven't done one in FOREVER and loved it. My feet are now pretty and I'm hoping that tomorrow is sunshiney and lovely and not snowstormy!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Will you hate me if I tell you that the Tongginator wore squeaky shoes? Seriously - they first became popular in China. And they created them to get the kids walking. Children in China develop gross motor skills at a slower rate than children in the west because they are held so much -- very little floor time, especially since most people still have dirt floors.

Heather of the EO said...

Ack! The squeaky shoes!

And how CRAZY. "I was just about to give up." WOWEE.

And I'm the same with pedicures. I've had two in my life as well. Last time, I watched the woman next to me get half of her big toenail cut off while the technician cranked away and said things about build-up underneath. YOW.

Not to scare you away from your next pedicure in five years...

I've been thinking about your DS. I'm glad you know when it will be (or when-ish anyway). It's stressful, all the not-knowing. Hang in there, storm trooper.