Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mush, Guilt and Twitter


It seems that the boys have finally accomplished their goal of reducing my brain to a bit steaming pile of mush. Or so it seems every time I sit down to write. All those lovely posts that I write while cleaning, baking and driving them all over the city evaporate at the computer.


So I fought back. I am now on Twitter. Surely this geek of very little brain can handle 140 characters or less. Or so I am hoping. Anyway, over on my sidebar you can follow me on Twitter. I will probably use Twitter to update my progress after the DS as well.


My sister and I were having a discussion the other day. We would like your opinion. If Stacey and Clinton showed up and offered you five thousand dollars in exchange for making fun of your clothes on national TV, would you take it? My sister wouldn't. I, on the other hand would do it for five hundred dollars. I really have NO shame.


Related to that, when you are grocery shopping and they offer you a hand with your groceries out to the car, do you take it? Several local stores in our area do, and they won't accept tip. I cannot remember the last time I loaded my own groceries at those stores. On the other hand, my sister (she with three small kids) says no. She feels guilty. I figure I get enough guilt from parenting magazines and am happy to give the teenager a reason to be paid. What do you think?


Isn't the stuff that my sister and discuss FASCINATING? We also talk toilet bowl cleaners, puke, and compare what we are having for dinner. I cannot fathom why we don't yet have our own reality TV series.


I was starting to prepare the boys for the upcoming surgery and the fact that I will be away in the hospital. I told Spud who was going on and on about his mother's day tea at Kindergarden that I probably wouldn't be there, but that Nana would be going instead. I was preparing for tears. Instead he replied "oh please do make sure you go away. I want Nana. Nana Nana Nana." At least THREE times since that day he has approached me to remind me that he wants my mother at the tea and not the lady who carried him for nine months and has the scars to prove it.


Maybe I am a little bit vain (or slightly weird) but every time I look down and see my pretty pink toes I smile. They just look so PURDY. Whenever I apply nail polish it looks like a small child got into her mother's stash gave herself a pedi. From now on, someone else gets to do my toes.

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Anonymous said...

My sister and I can easily spend an hour discussing vegetables. And then another hour talking about laundry. Aren't sisters great?

Oh, I would totally let Stacey and Clinton mess with my wardrobe. Ever since my sister and I started living five hours apart, I have NOBODY to tell me what I should and shouldn't wear. And if it happens on national tv? Well, maybe my blog would start getting a few more visitors. I am ALL about the publicity!

This Heavenly Life said...

I love having pretty toes, too! I NEVER paint my toenails, but a few days ago, I decided to, and they're GORGEOUS!

Hmmm...I think I'd let them make fun of my clothes for $5000. That's probably more than the cost of a new wardrobe for me, anyway.

momofthecrazies said...

We would totally rock a reality show!

Knittinchick said...

umm Mr. Reality Show Person.... just say NO! She's not exaggerating!

I LOVE that Spud wanted Nana to go to his mother's day tea. Nana is pretty exciting... I would totally show off Nana too if she came with me to something!

Nicole said...

I shop at the Co-Op, usually. They don't let you take your own groceries out. I think that maybe it's a liability because of all the old people taking the carts and running people over in the parking lot. Seriously, my Co-Op parking lot is like a death trap. Elderly people who can barely walk get into their gigantic boat-like cars and zoom into reverse without looking. Maybe it could be a reality show. Surviving the Co-Op parking lot. See, I am JUST as exciting as you and your sister!

beck'sthree said...

Love all your QT's this week. And, I would totally take the $5,000 wardrobe makeover. I've been trying to figure out how to get myself on WNTW for years. I'm no fashionista, but I don't think I qualify for cover-your-eyes-I-look-hideous status either. But I suppose can strive.

marie said...

I have been thinking of submitting myself for What not to Wear for some time now. So, of course I would do it.
Around here we bag our own groceries never mind being asked if we want help to the car. What a dream.

Leanne said...

I've been wondering for a while now what's wrong with my friends that I still have not met Stacey and Clinton! I would definitely take the money!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Greetings from Peace Garden Mama. I found you through Jen. Can't read all of the contributors but decided to pick a few and you are one of them. Enjoyed hearing about your week and I'm going to hook up with you on Twitter, so watch for me. :) Blessings...Roxane

granola_granny said...

Say, I could loan some clothes to pretend are yours and you'd be SURE to get selected for the wardrobe makeover.
I used to say 'No' to the grocery carry outs for reasons of pride. Then after surgery I had no choice. Trust me, You will be doing them a favor.
PS. I can see that because she shops at Co-Op, Nicole doesn't navagate those dangerous parking lots in Kelowna B.C.... my #1 guess. Therefore I conclude that she MUST live in southern Alberta,,, another aventerous place to park!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Well... as someone who just went through my own personal pseudo-What Not To Wear experience, I would TOTALLY! DO! IT! Because, even now, I don't know what to buy without Dory by my side. I? Am clueless. I need all the help I can get. They also would need to take photos of the outfits that work for my future reference. And preferably give me an adult-version Granimals wardrobe.

Jen said...

Umm...So clearly, I've been lurking, since this post is...you know...old. Anyway, just wanted to say that Stacey and Clinton are WELCOME to my wardrobe for $5000...as long as Nick Arrojo is the one cutting my hair. There are a grand total of 3 people that I would let do whatever they want with my hair...one of them moved 500 miles away, another has 4 kids and is no longer cutting hair and the third is Nick Arrojo. The man can do no wrong. The worst I've ever seen him do is one that was "slightly less than fabulous"...and really, it would've taken God Himself to fix the disaster he was faced with.