Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Please Don't Judge Me.

I have a little confession. I hate tomatoes.


Other than bananas, they are pretty much the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth.

Unfortunately, tomatoes are a staple in culinary life. And as much as this puzzles me, the rest of you seem to think they are worth slicing and eating, pureeing and putting on pizza and even adding sugar to and dipping fries in.


Because I like to conform to society as much as a geek can, as well as set a good example for my kids I have tried to overcome my dislike of the fruit that thinks it is a vegetable. I no longer scrap the sauce off of my pizza, make spaghetti frequently and actually enjoy sun-dried tomatoes. I still do not dip my fries in ketchup, but if a drop of ketchup gets on one of mine, I no longer think it is ruined forever.

Raw tomatoes are a different story. Those things are still NASTY.

The other day I was at a friend's house for lunch. A new friend. One that is kind of unaware of my MANY quirks. When I first meet people I do try to present myself as geek free as possible to avoid scaring them. THEN, as we become friends I slowly peel back the onion that is me, and let them see all the layers.

But this friend and I aren't really into the peeling stage. SO, when she asked if I would like a Mediterranean salad for lunch I said "sure!"

She had listed off the ingredients as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. My active imagination added garlic, onion and a healthy dose of feta.

I can eat anything if there is feta involved.

There wasn't.

No onions.

I think I saw a pepper chunk or two, but I cannot be certain as it was lost among all the tomatoes.

For the two of us, It think the woman chopped about eight tomatoes. And a quarter of a cucumber. It was really past all reason.

So, we started in. I tried to alternate. I'd have a bite of bread and then throw the tomato in past my taste buds and try to survive that way. Unfortunately, there isn't enough bread in the world to make my scheme work.

Still I kept on.

And started to gag. Ever tried to hide the fact that you are gagging, and trying to turn it into "JUST LOVING THE SALAD?" Not all that easy. But I kept trying.

(Yes, I am aware that I might have some small people pleasing issues, but unless that really bothers you, I do not plan to change.)

Then it happened. The MIRACLE.

Her phone rang. She left the room. Her five year old and Sprout began to engage in an animated conversation about the trampoline.

And while everyone else was busy, I began operation "Dump the Junk."

One nasty red chunk at a time I took the tomatoes from my plate and put them back in the salad.

Oh yes, I did.

I don't even feel guilty.

It was either that or puking and somehow I don't think that presents the cool image I was going for.


Nicole said...

I love tomatoes, but I understand because I feel that way about onions. Now, if they are cooked into something and pureed, maybe that would be okay - like a soup or something. But onions - especially raw ones - make me want to barf. I cannot do it.

Side note? My MIL puts onions in EVERYTHING.

momofthecrazies said...

You did not! I'm in shock!!

Jennifer said...

I also can't stand tomatos. I can eat them cooked in other things but never raw. I can't believe you put them back in the salad. LOL. Jody and I used to give our kids the tomatos that came on or salads but they won't even eat them now.