Friday, October 1, 2010

A Clarification of Sorts


Apparently my last post has sparked all kinds of controversy. As well as bringing shame to my entire family. Let me clarify. I used the serving spoon to move the chunks of tomatoes, THAT HAD NEVER TOUCHED MY MOUTH back into the bowl. I may be a geek, but I do have some class. Sorta.

Is it just me, or do kids have more days off of school than they used to? Spud went three Fridays, than he got one off, attends one, gets the next off, goes for two, gets the next one off, goes for one, than one off, two, than one off and gets the last Friday before Christmas off as well. Of the 16 Fridays this semester he gets six off. Plus Thanksgiving Monday, Remembrance Day and Labour Day.

Upon reading that last quick take, I realized it made me sound 150 years old. Next thing you know I will be smacking my gums and talking about walking 17 miles to school, barefoot and in the snow. And then I will have an early lunch, pull my cardigan around me and take a little nap.


After two weeks of completely unreasonable cold, it was warm this week. About as warm as what we had most summer. Seriously. I heard on the radio the other day that our city motto really should be: Calgary, the city that summer forgot. It was utterly GLORIOUS to be outside with the kids. I had to resist the urge to break into song when walking Spud to the bus. But seeing as how I don't want to permanently scar my children, I refrained.

Today is my baby sister's birthday. She's had a DOOZEY of a week, the highlight of which was her two year old son climbing onto the counters and attempting to cut himself an orange with a serrated knife. GOOD TIMES. Fortunately it was nothing that could not be fixed with a My Little Pony Band-Aid. However, I am certain she would love any birthday comments you would like to leave her.

I know I keep saying this. But I am coming to the conclusion that it is high time I started wearing make-up. Today I looked like a ghost with a hang-over. Pretty soon I am going to start scaring small children. I have made it my goal for October to figure out what I need to wear and how to properly put it on.
My goal setting skills are astounding are they not?

Somewhere across town my sister in law is jumping up and down for joy. She is now about to text me, "yes, you really do. Can I come pick some out for you?"

For more quick takes, please see Jennifer at Conversion Diary. And while you are there, please check out her post on prayer. This post has impacted me in a HUGE way this week.


Knittinchick said...

as one of the family members who was a little worried about you leaving your family "you have it on your plate, touch it... you think about it." roots, i'm relieved about those tomatoes!

re: makeup. i got some with a photo that I applied the makeup according to the tutorial... it was helpful!

Knittinchick said...
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Nicole said...

Per #3, don't forget the tissue that you need tucked into the sleeve of your cardigan.

About makeup - you have great skin, so what I might suggest (if I may) is just a touch of mascara and lip gloss or lipstick, and maybe a little blush if you are feeling kind of colourless. It's just a small amount, so that wouldn't be a huge weird change for you.

momofthecrazies said...

Nicole, I too was thinking mascara for The Geek, however I'm afraid she'll poke her eye out with the wand.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Make-up? What's make-up?

A Fellow Ghost

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Haven't actually seen you, or even your photo, but all any of us really needs is a little mascara and lipstick. That's all I ever use (and only occasionally). When I do, I get all sorts of compliments; but I still can't be bothered most days! (PS I'm no spring chicken!)