Thursday, October 7, 2010


They were running behind. And little mouths were thirsty. And little hands were disobedient. And a mommy who is covered in tired snapped. And scolded. And generally did everything she prays so hard not to do.

And there was a gentle voice that showed the mommy the crying child.

And the mommy instantly repented.

She cuddled. She apologized. She was hugged back with abandon.

Maybe this is what grace looks like.

They haeded out into the sun, laughing, joking, running. Two little hands slipped into hers, no mention of the previous moments, just complete trust in her.

Is this what grace looks like?

The falling, the stumbling, the mommy trying to make her way through a day, a day filled with love and ordinary moments and a just few moments of failure.

Then they ran ahead and the sun was so brilliant that it blotted out the distinguishable and all the mommy could see was their outline bathed in gold.

They were them, and they were light. Pure light.

Could this be grace?

A sinner stumbling forward, falling, rising and bathed in His light.



Anonymous said...

I remember my little girl showed me GRACE even when not deserved. Arn't kids a special gift. They know we are human even if we struggle with the concept. Keep up the good mothering the boys LOVE you so much & thats grace in action. Love Papa

Lisa said...

What a wonderful moment! Thank you for sharing it, and for reminding me that grace covers even my parenting bumps and less-than-stellar moments.

Tez said...

Ah my friend, you have described many of my days, becoming wrapped in my own "issues" and leaving little piles of emotional rubble where my kids used to be.

Thanks for the reminder to breathe it out.

I hope you are well.

Knittinchick said...

Why do those we love bring out the best and not-so-greatest in us?

AND then when they show us grace, it is the most wonderful gift.

For the record: I am a fan of the HG's mothering style. It's fun and so jam packed with love!