Friday, October 15, 2010

The Block is One of Life's Little Mysteries.

1. Spud is a complicated kid to get gifts for. Usually what I think he would like he looks at, gets excited for 3.6 seconds and then goes off to sing and wave a block around in the air. This year we bought him a CD player and I suggested to his Auntie that he might like tickets to a movie.

2. I am a genius. He loves listening to his CD player with an everlasting love. Even on our vacation to the beach he was constantly telling people how much he missed his CD player. The relaxer boy loves NOTHING more than to go to his room, turn on his CD player, wave a block around and sing.

3. The movie was also a BIG hit. With one dire consequence. He is now obsessed with Toy Story Three. Actually, I think obsessed is a bit too mild of a word to describe the love affair between my boy and Pixar's latest attempt to rid parents of all their money.

4. I have not seen the movie, but I am now able to give an accurate plot synopsis. Quite honestly I think I could do a dissertation on the thing as that is ALL I have heard about from my son since he saw the movie. TWO MONTHS AGO. Two VERY LONG months ago.

5. This means that he no longer wants to be a pirate for Halloween. I really thought I could make it stretch for 4 years, but no dice. (Yes, he was a pirate for three years running. Why do you ask?)

6. So imagine with me the SHEER joy of finding a Buzz LightYear costume at a consignment store today. In Spud's size. If I thought I could have gotten away with it I would have danced on the checkout counter.

7. So, tonight a VERY happy young man has gone to bed to "think about my wonderful new costume." I guess sometimes one needs a break from waving a block around and singing.

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momofthecrazies said...

Spud is so easy to shop for. You find out what his current favourite movie is (be it Finding Nemo, Cars, or Toy Story 3) and head off to the Disney Store. It's Sprout I have difficulty with!

Knittinchick said...

I am SO glad that he loved his costume. Oh the joys of not having to worry about making a costume.

Relaxer Boy, thou art easy to figure out!

Knittinchick said...
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Nicole said...

Awesome score on the Halloween costume! Now it will be "To infinity...and beyond!" over and over. Or maybe it already is?

granola_granny said...

Every child needs an opportunity to be what he really wants for Halloween at least once in his life. By the way I think I know of a family looking for pirate patches.