Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little Re-Cap If I May

I actually have a free evening. And while there are things I really need to do, you should SEE the state of my front hall closet, the creative side of my brain is BUZZING with words. I need to let some of them out.

Post haste.

So, I will bore you a little with a Halloween re-cap.

I'd insert pictures but then you all would want to steal my ever so adorable children. And we couldn't have that. Well, we could have had that on Friday in the midst of the BIGGEST TANTRUM EVER, but normally, no.

So you will have to paint a picture in your mind of the world's cutest Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Woody was actually not even here. He got to go on his very first solo trip to Poppa and Nana's house. And then on a road trip with them to the cousins. He was almost popping out of his skin with glee. And his brother was popping with jealousy. Which may have lead to the BIGGEST TANTRUM EVER, but I really do not want to go there. So I won't.

So it was up to Buzz and I to paint the town black and orange. And that we did. We trick or treated twice. As soon as church was done we headed to a mall in town and hit up the local merchants (when we were not shooting them with our fake laser) and then that evening a certain Mr. Lightyear sprinted from house to house for an hour and a half.

If you are at all familiar with trick or treating on the Canadian prairies you will know that it is usually DARN cold. More often than not snow is involved. This year, was different. It was 10C. TEN.

We could have stayed out all night it was so balmy. Last year we had four kids visit our house. This year it was more like forty.

Spud's haul of chocolate alone filled two large freezer bags. Why yes, I do freeze my kid's chocolate bars. This way I get to dole them out all year long. They will still have treats in January for lunches this way. This works well for the cheap control freaks who do not wish to pay for fillings.

It really was a blast. I LOVED the joy that Spud got out of being Buzz. He actually asked me to call him Buzz instead of Spud all day. He WAS Buzz. He WAS childhood joy. It WAS perfect.


Anonymous said...

Woody stole the show. As he was leaving most door steps he would turn sideways lift his hat then turn the rest of the way around then off he would go. This was his thank you. Would loved to have seen BUZZ bet he looked good.

Nicole said...

Awww! I bet they looked so cute. Glad they had a good Halloween, and so glad it was (relatively) warm!

granola_granny said...

So cool, Spud wanting you to call him Buzz! What a wonderful memory to cherish in the years ahead.
If the desire to be called by a different name continues there is a delightful book entitled "Christopher Changes His Name" by Itah Sadu.