Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I can't Wait to See The Google Searches I Get Off This Post

As I may have mentioned a time or two, when it comes to food, Way Cooler and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  I live to eat and he just eats to live.  Which means he has NO appreciation for the finer things of life.

One of them being stew.  He cannot think of anything more gross.  On a cold January day I cannot think of anything more sublime.  Elizabeth Esther talks about the sacrament of soup, for me it is the sacrament of stew. So, as he was working the other night I asked my sister-in-law to come for stew.  She too knows what is good and was only to happy to come.

Now, we're both moms and have learned to go with the flow but this supper gave gong show a whole new  meaning.

To start, my niece was fussy.  This child is NEVER fussy.  You know the type, slept through the night from day one, smiles all the time, obeys pretty rapidly and only poops rainbows.  Pretty much the opposite of the harum scarum I am raising.

However, she fussed through the whole meal, milk was spilled, food flung, and a general good time was had by none.  We soon figured out why as the potty training sweetie came down with the runs.  Several times.   And this time it was NOT rainbows.   In her big girl pants.  PRAISE GOD for ceramic tile.

So my SIL dealt with the mess, I tossed my niece into the tub and my children ran around being gophers.  Excessively loud and possibly rabid gophers.

We got a diaper on, baby girl got all cleaned up and went off to play with the gophers.  I was just about to offer my SIL a well deserved cup of tea when a shriek was heard from upstairs.  You know the type shriek.  The " I have sat on the folded up pack and play and somehow managed to trap my scrotum in the plastic legs" shriek.  Yes indeedy.

My oldest child had managed to once again cause his scrotum to bleed.  At the rate he is going if I get a grandchild out of this son it will be a blessed miracle.

It took Advil, an icepack, ice cream and 30 minutes of Toopy and Binoo to get him to calm down.

My sister in law smiled and got the heck outta dodge.  And continued to pray that this next baby be another girl.


Tez said...

OH NO!! One of these days he will learn to be careful with those things!
You're going to be an auntie over again! Nice, congrats!

Nicole said...

Ooooohhh. Poor guy. That must have hurt! Ah, the junk that we must deal with, having boys. "Mooooommm. Jake's sitting on me and it hurts my diiiinnkkkk!" "You mean penis." "Moooooommmm. Mark threw a ball and it hit me in the diiiinnnnkkkk!" "You mean it hit you in the penis."

Apparently I am low on sympathy! But I sympathize for YOU.

Knittinchick said...

oh man! that sucks... yet another reason why women are the superior gender!

However for laughs... that definitely delivers!

Nan | WrathOfMom said...

"once again cause his scrotum to bleed" AGAIN!? OH NO!

happygeek said...

One time they were jumping in the living room and he landed on the sharp edge of one of my coffee tables. It was AWFUL. I did not know that area of the body could bruise. IT did. As well as get a nasty cut.
Hubs jokes the kid is going to have to start wearing a can around the house.

Erin said...

Oh poor guy. These little boys give us moms so much more to deal with due to their stuff hanging out and not being tucked in nice and neat like us girls ;)

Thanks for the laugh!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh. My. Goodness. My second child is a boy. And it had never occurred to me that this kind of thing might happen.

Hrm. ;-)