Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mommy's Nite Out

Last night was mommy's night to finally get the much-needed haircut and indulge in a little retail therapy. Whoo-hoo. It was a fabulous night!

I couldn't get the lady I had cut my hair before who had finally given me my first decent haircut in this city since we moved here 1.5 years ago.

I'll have to post about some of my other cuts some other time as they really are post-worthy, let's just say after one, I looked like I had let a cat just chewed my hair off randomly.

Anyway, I got a new lady who was really good too and unbelieveably gentle. I hate it when they brush your hair and it feels like they are pulling it out instead of just cutting it with scissors. Plus, my cheap little heart was utterly delighted to find out she was 8 bucks cheaper than the other lady! That alone made my night!

You know how when you get your haircut sometimes they style if for you? Well, I usually watch carefully to try and recreate that at home, which of course never happens again no matter how hard I try! So, as usual last night I was watching but it became apparent very quickly that in order for me to do that with a brush and blow dryer I will have to become a cirque du Soleil contortionist, or at the very least grow a third arm. So, I just sat and enjoyed knowing that for one night, I would look good. Really good. So good that I kept finding myself admiring myself in the various mirrored posts throughout the mall. Then I realized how unbelieveably sad that is, and made myself stop.

So, since I had such a great expereience and saved 8 bucks, I decided to splurge and get my eyebrow waxed so that I would have eyebrows. Let's just say, I knew it wasn't going to be as gentle as my haircut when I sat down and the lady shoved my head back against the wall. I understand the whole concept of waxing isn't a gentle massage, but this woman made putting the wax on hurt. that did not bode well for the removal. I think my brows will stop swelling sometime around Spud's 10th birthday.

It was a wonderful evening of re-charging, browsing and mirror-gazing! I even got jeans for 15 bucks at Old Navy. My cheap little heart just can't stop singing! So bring on the poop, the snot and the toddler tantrums, I'm ready again!


char said...

I just got my eyebrows done too, first time since before Seth!! yikes!! I'm surprised they weren't growing into my eyes!!Teehee

Chrisie said...

You are the most hilarious woman ever... oh how I miss you.

I guess Im the only one left with a unabrow. Thanks for leaving me alone. :{

Ha ha.

Chrisie said...

Or should my picture have been [:{

Notice the unabrow smiley?????

i hate it when Ihave to explain my jokes...