Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still on the Socks

Well, you know what, until today I always thought I was a little weird. I was even a bit embarrassed of my lost sock pile, thinking there was no one else out there like that. Turns out that there is some weirdness out there, but this time, it's not me.

So Alana, did you read the comments? Everyone but you and Dave (and sorry Dave, you don't really count- more on that in a moment) has a lost sock pile! Some of their socks even get used for non-feet covering activities! I AM normal! Whoo-hoo. That would make you the geek today! Yee haw.

Now, Dave, Alana's amazing husband chipped in to say that he is pleased that Alana even matches the wear on the bottom so it's more comfortable in combat boots and all I could think of was the story "The Princess and the Pea." Seriously Dave, you would feel "unbalanced" if the wear didn't match? How thick are these socks? Mattress like? What, if the wear doesn't match, will you tip over?

Mind you, Dave is a wise man married to a woman who in 20 days is about to give birth to their 3rd child and it is still ridiculously hot where they live. Right now, I think Dave would wear purple and carry a purse if it made Alana happy. Which of course would look stunning with your combat boots and matched socks.

Thanks you all for making me feel good and even a little less geeky!

Let's hear it for lost socks!


Anonymous said...

Now I know I am being mocked! That's okay, because I've got Dave keeping me company too! For those of you that don't know us, Dave really isn't that particular about his socks (although his underwear is a different story!) I, on the other hand, have issues. But I know for certain that there are more people in this world like me. You know, the type that don't have a Bermuda-Triangle-Sock-Thing going on in their houses. We're just a strong, silent group.

So for all of you that manage to keep your socks together, count your children's mega-blocks, and ask your husband repeatedly if he's locked the front door, join me and we'll take over the world with our matching socks!


Janet said...

Yeah, lost socks!

And purple socks and a purse with combat boots? Not sure I'd go there.....