Monday, September 24, 2007

I've Got a bit of a Problem

So, I was doing laundry today and got thinking. I've got another confession. This is going to drive all you OCD's nuts (and you know who you are) but my house is really a house of horror for socks.

Yes, this post is going to be about socks, I'm not the happy intellect, it will not be about world peace and achieving it in 4 easy steps, I'm a geek so I am blogging about socks tonight!

Anyway, as I was saying, I think the socks in my house have posted a warning to all the other socks "abandon hope all ye who enter here." At least that is my theory as so many go missing! They must run away or something because this is my widow pile (all socks without mates).

These are the poor socks whose mates are MIA. My bigger concern is the couples that are jumping ship. I bought Spud 6 pairs in the spring and we are down to 2 matched pairs and a widow!

What is it about me that makes socks run away? I try not to sing while I sort laundry, my hair is usually brushed and I am very nice to all the socks in the house, I don't even scrub them or anything.

Mind you, that may be it, I do not have a real big passion for sparkling clean socks so if they get a little bit stained to daily wear and tear (i.e. an 18 month old running through freshly mowed grass) as long as they are clean, I still sleep at night. Really, they're socks. Who cares if the bottoms area bit gray? I have bigger fish to fry than pulling out a washboard and scrubbing them down, (not that there's anything wrong with that mom,) but I'd rather do something productive. Like blog!!

It might also be that my kids seem to think that socks taste good. I don't know how many times driving down the road I've looked back to see one or both with a sock in their mouth. And honestly, I didn't put it there! Although I have thought about it, especially when Spud sings the Veggie tale theme song for the 37th time that trip.

So, now that I've ensured that my OCD sister will never sleep again (if a sock goes missing in her house, everyone goes on high alert and hunts for it and no one eats or sleeps till it's found) I'm looking for advice! How do you keep your socks happy? What do you do to make them want to stay? Better detergent? Should I promise all future socks that my kids will stop eating them? Let me know, right after you've achieved world peace in 4 easy steps!


Alyson said...

That would drive your sister crazy for sure!!! I bet she has the socks labelled sock one and sock two :)
sorry Alana..but that would be funny:)

I have the same sock problem. I don't get it...seriously...where do they go???

Anonymous said...

Am I being mocked? Actually when I started reading and then saw the picture, I thought to myself "I'm not sure if I can sleep tonight!" Then once I read your last paragraph, I laughed so hard I snorted.

I don't label my socks (although that might be something I should look into), but if I have 6 white socks (all seemingly identical at first glance), I do match them by wear on the bottom. Does that make me strange?


char said...

Ha ha!! Alana, please don't EVER come visit me. C, rest easy, my sock pile is over double of yours. Most of 'the dearly departed' have been used as pouches for polly pockets or bottle caps, also now MIA!! Love ya

Dawn and Dale said...

My mia sock pile is larger too!! Imagine 4 BOYS!!! lol

And...Char's kids just end up wearing two different socks sometimes!! A good way to get those "extra's" used up I guess!!! ;)

Janet said...

I wish I could help you, but my socks do the same thing. I think there is a secret "sock meeting place" where all the runaway socks go, and live happily, far away from all washing machines.

Anonymous said...

I like Alana's OCDness, because I am the lucky recipient of always having a pair of equally worn socks to wear. This is important when wearing combat boots so you are not lopsided (two pairs a day). Perhaps I am the reason she is OCD about socks, I go through so many a week. I don't think I have lost a sock in 8 years (I was away the first 6 months).


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I start sorting them when the mismatched drawer won't close!

Alyson said...

equally worn on the bottom???
I love you guys...but WOW!!!