Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A few technical issues

So, now that I've been blogging for all of a month I have a few burning questions. You see, while I am most definitely a geek, it is not of the computer variety. I am more the political junkie kind of geek. After posting this I am going to be looking up more information on the various candidates running for office in our local municipal election and then next week I will join the 7 other voters in my city to elect our new mayor and councillor.

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't do computers really well, but I come by it honestly, remind me to tell you about my mom and the computer mouse sometime. So here's my questions,

1. What is rss feed? Do I have it? Do I need it? Will it increase my blog traffic, or more importantly my chocolate stash?

2. I've seen other bloggers draw a line through their words. How do they do it? Can I do it too?

3. Are the little random letters you have to copy (and then recopy even though you did it right the first time because blogger likes to mess with your mind) before posting a comment really necessary or are they just there to amuse some computer geek somewhere?

Thank-you all for your help, I am off to read another riveting website about how a candidate intends to clean up traffic issues, provide affordable housing, build new rec centres, and drastically lower taxes. Who says politics isn't entertaining?

I just realized that I am probably the only person who found that last paragraph funny. Oh well, I told you I was a geek.


Catherine said...

I'll see what I can do to help out. I know a little bit.

1. Yes, with blogger you have an RSS feed. Not sure what it does but what I know is that it allows me to add people to Bloglines so I like it. Do you use bloglines? It's a great tool!

2. I have an answer but blogger won't allow me to type the code here so please email me and I'll send it to you. Address is on my blog.

3. I use the random letters but am considering taking them off my site for a bit to see what happens. I added them a couple of years ago when I was getting a lot of spam posts in my comments. Do you have problems with that happening?

Hope this is helpful! Have a great day.

Off to vote in my provincial election tonight. One of the candidates goes to my church and has been doing a great job so I'll be sending my vote his way again this time. We also have a referendum vote this time. I know which way I'm voting but it might be interesting to hear what you think. http://www.yourbigdecision.ca/


Teri said...

Too funny. Rss feed allows you to get notifications whenever someone updates a site that you've signed up for RSS on. Say news sites, blog sites, etc. that way you don't have to click through all your bookmarks, you can just go to the ones that you've been notified are updated.

I don't know you but thanks for reading my blog and commenting. Hey, I'm in Education too, fun fun!

Dawn and Dale said...

Hey you!!

RSS is great!! I just recently started using Bloglines (a few months ago) and it is WONDERFUL!! I now no longer need to check all 75 of the blogs I follow EVERYDAY to see if there is a new post on them or not. Bloglines does the work for me...and if there is a new post on a certain blog...Bloglines highlights it for me.

If you have your RSS feeds set to OFF...those of us who use bloglines can not add you to our list. This Will probably increase your visitors forsure. If someone comes across your blog...likes what they see...they can add you to their list on bloglines. If not..they will then be informed everytime you update and will most likely come back. IF not...they may never "re-find" you again!! I've lost SOOOO many cool blogs that way!! I have no idea how to find them again!!

I too have been meaning to ask Catherine how she puts a line through a word!! I've seen that a lot too...and have never figured it out before! I will be emailing her myself to find that out! Thanks for asking that tricky question!!

I too was getting a lot of spam comments...once I added the letters...it cut that out completely. Not sure how bad it is now days without it. I think it depends on how busy your blog is.

I will add you to my blog list too if you'd like? I don't like to add people without their permission first!!

Bless you!! Have fun blogging!!

happygeek said...

Thanks so much for the help Catherine, Teri and Dawn. Dawn, feel free to add me to your bloglines, I deliberately keep my name and personal info out of my blog so that people all over the world can enjoy my wit. Cough cough choke.
Teri, we have a mutual friend Char, that's how I discovered your blog, she used to talk about you lots, so I feel like I know you a bit.
Thanks Guys,