Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Geek on a soapbox

I tend to be fairly easy to get along with but there are a few things in life that can irritate the pants off of me. You want to know what some of them are? No? Well it's my blog I'll tell you anyway!

1. Barney

2. People who don't hold the door for the people right behind them, especially when they are pushing the stroller of death.

3. Smoking. If you smoke, I like you, I just can't stand your dirty, money-wasting, disease-causing, litter producing habit.

4. The stigma surrounding depression, and Postpartum depression. People with this disease cannot "snap out of it" or "just choose to be happy." They do not need to "pray harder and everything will be all right." God can choose to heal them but He can also choose to use doctors and medicine.

People with depression need support and understanding just like anyone else with a disease that affects their day to day living.

This now ends the Geek's soapbox rant. It was brought to you courtesy of Blog Day for the Mother's Act. If you need more info please visit postpartum progress. Thanks. Stay tuned tomorrow for further tales from Texas. It's supposed to snow tonight and snow always makes my thoughts turn south of the border!


Janet said...

Good post. I agree. I have never had post partum, but I have had friends who did, and it was truly awful for them. To deny it is just....cruel.

PS- I could do without Barney too.

JCK said...

I love great rants. Especially about important things like postpartum depression & depression in general. There is a stigma, isn't there.

We could start a Barney Haters Club. Darn, there probably already is one! He isn't allowed in our house.

Snow? Snow?? Could you send a little frozen water our way...we have these wildfires.

KnittinChick said...

I love your great rant. As someone who NEVER thought that they would struggle with depression or burnout and is currently bravely fighting my way through it... I appreciate you standing up for those battling it. It is not fun or something that one would choose. The combination of a good doctor, psychologist, understanding friends and my knitting have helped me take step by step out of it!