Friday, October 26, 2007

The one where it snows, so Geek is nostalgic

It's snowing. All of sudden I am beginning to question why we ever left Texas. Family? They could visit! Healthcare? We just ever won't get sick! Don't worry I do this every year, right about this time. I'll be back to loving Canada in a few days but for today, I will have to make do by thinking over the things I brought home from Texas.

1. A LOVE and appreciation for Southern food. The mere mention of chicken fried steak or biscuits and gravy is enough to send my heart all a-flutter. Mind you, the fluttering may just be a result of the amount of that food I consumed in a short two year span.

2. A greater appreciation for black history and culture. I was blessed enough to be able to teach at a predominantly African American school. (One year I was the only whitey!) My colleagues would discuss (very matter-of-factly) not being allowed to eat in certain restaurants, or go to certain schools as kids and what I'd only viewed as history came alive to me. It greatly increased my awareness of how fortunate I am to live when and where I do!

3. Fifteen extra pounds (see #1).

4. A much lessened appreciation of snow.

5. Several bottles of Cousins bar-b-que sauce. The sauce is now gone, but the love affair with real Texas bbq lives on.

6. Lots and lots of cool clothes that were VERY cheap!

7. The unique ability to use y'all and eh in the same sentence. Although, for two years, whenever I used the word (or is it a phrase?) "y'all" someone would giggle. It just doesn't sound the same with a Canadian accent I guess.

Well, this weekend, I will be showcasing several of my talents together! My cheapness and my ability to use y'all and eh together! Intrigued? (humour me.) Stay tuned!!


Janet said...

I'm INTRIGUED!!! said like a strange mixture. Texas and Canadian. No wonder you're called a "geek". :-)

char said...

I love it!! I loved Texas too, and we were only there for about a week, I think. If it had been two years, I think we'd still be there. It still tops the list of places we'd like to take the kids!!! Maybe you and I should take a trip....

MommyKnows said...

I'm partial to Louisiana myself, but I hear yah (all).

JCK said...

Great tally! I'm originally from Atlanta and am now in California, which I love, but...good southern cooking is hard to find.

I loved your #2. I lived in Mogadishu, Somalia when I was 9. It was an enriching experience to live as a minority. And of course that was a minority by choice. So, I can in no way know what it is like to be a minority, but I loved how you described your appreciation for black history and culture.

OH...and I have a little TREAT for you on my blog. Come and get it, y'all!