Saturday, October 27, 2007

Camp Poppa

Guess what! Spud and Sprout are at Camp Poppa this weekend! I drove them down to my parent's place about two hours away yesterday. Through a small snowstorm I might add. Poor Spud, "mommy I can't see, there's too much snow!" Then on top of it, he had to play the quiet game, because it really was a mini-blizzard for 30 minutes or so and I was nervous. The quiet game is very tough when you're three. But, since mommy calls it a game it must be OK. (Yes, this does actually work, for how much longer I have no idea, but I make it sound fun and he stops talking.) I know, mommy of the year I am not, but they are kinda stuck with me.

Anyway, as I started to say, every so often my dad takes Spud for a few days. We call it Camp Poppa. This is Sprout's first time at Camp Poppa and I, (being the stellar mommy that I am) was more than delighted to send him! It's a win-win situation all around.

If nothing else, poor Spud gets a bit of a reprieve from the constant expectations that mommies are supposed to have, but Poppas don't have to. Plus Poppa's house is a never-ending party! Cookies at every meal! What more could a boy ask for in life?

And mommy, well she got her basement storage area cleaned out, the garage re-organized and she weeded a bunch of stuff that we really don't need. This was sooooo exciting. (I'm not even being sarcastic.)

I have a mortal fear of clutter and it is just lovely to actually accomplish stuff without sippy-cup and diaper emergencies. Now when they get home I'll have time to focus on them instead of trying to get this job done with two extra helpers!

I am certain that some of you remember all the posts making fun of my OCD sis, and are saying to yourself, "a mortal fear of clutter, that's' weird too," let me defend myself, I don't have to have every-thing hyper organized, I'm just the exact opposite of a packrat. Unfortunately, I did marry one, but that's a whole other post (or self-help book.)

So, there may be no post tomorrow, I'll be enjoying my childfree status for one more day, but stay tuned for the exciting adventures of eh and y'all coming soon!


Janet said...

Does "Poppa" take strangers at his camp? I have four kids here, and I need to organize my storage room.....

Alyson said...

I take it that Alana and Dave are now flying solo with the 3 kids now!
I get to see the little fella in a couple of na na na na!!

Anyway, enjoy your two days....
so nice. I always turn the radio up really high and take a long bath.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you make fun of me organizing, but if I had time without my children, I would probably spend it shopping, eating out, and watching movies with my sweetie. Not cleaning and/or organizing. I think you should stop working immediately, kick up your feet, and ENJOY!

Incidentally, I totally love the "Quiet Game", especially driving in bad conditions. The girls are good about being quiet, but only in the car. The game doesn't work in the house. I wonder why...

Enjoy your remaining childless hours!


JCK said...

Camp Poppa sounds divine. For everyone!

O.K., can I just say how brilliant you are with "the quiet game." Brilliant!

And ...I am SO jealous of the idea of getting all that stuff done without two helpers.