Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April's Fools

I thought about trying to play a practical joke on y'all today, but I can write about the funny, I cannot do the funny.


The last time I played a joke for April's fool was when I was 5. Didn't work well then either.

My dad on the other hand, he can do the funny. My favorite joke was one he played on my sister.

They were both at our little church, she was getting ready for music on Sunday and he was on a ladder washing windows. She had gone around a corner and up the stairs to photocopy something. She was half-way up when she heard a yell, a huge crash and then nothing. She came flying down the stairs to see my dad lying on the floor with the ladder on it's side, cleaning supplies strewn everywhere.

She was certain he'd had a heart attack and was about to commence hers when he started to laugh. I think he slept with one eye open for the rest of the year.

So, Happy April, may you be nobody's fool today!


KnittinChick said...

Seriously! That is so good. Good job Uncle Coolness:-)

Bargainista said...

i think a book could be written about the pranks your dad has pulled over the years. He oft to sleep with one eye open!

Janet said...

Oh, if he wasn't dead already, I would have killed him for htat one! What a turkey!

JCK said...

Happy April, HG! Very cute story. And yes, I would have killed him.;)

Life In Progress said...

Now THAT is ornery!

Teri said...

sounds like my father and his april fools pranks!
Don't worry about calling, wait till you guys are better. and when you come, if you have a piano to spare, would you lend it to me? I need to drop it on someone.