Sunday, May 11, 2008


Veronica at Toddled Dredge made up this very cool meme which I am shamelessly stealing.

It's either this or another story about moving.

Relieved, aren't you? You can pop over to Veronica's site and thank her personally if you'd like.

So, here goes, 5 things that creep me out.

1. Scotch mints. They are chalky, nasty tasting things. But that isn't what makes them creepy. They creep me out because a senior at church used to keep some in her pocket to give to kids. So, whenever I am offered one all I can think of is pocket lint. Yummy.

2 . Flesh tunnels.

3. Spandex or Lycra on men. I just don't know where to look. The boys like watching 4 square on Treehouse and while it's educational, I usually try to get out of the room at the time. No one should have to be grossed out by toddler TV.

4. Comb-overs. Seriously guys, you're bald. We all know it. Those twelve hairs are fooling no one. Just grossing us all out a little.

5. Snakes. Even behind glass at the zoo I know they are thinking "if I could, I'd kill ya."

So, what gives you the heebies?


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Do you remember that guy that used to ride the elevator at "Grandpa's Hospital" that would always offer us scotch mints? Whenever I see them I think of him and mom telling us to graciously accept them but in no uncertain terms DO NOT PUT THEM IN OUR MOUTHS!

JCK said...

Hello, girlie! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. And if you don't celebrate Mother's Day in Canada, cause I'm a bit clueless about that kind of stuff...I'm still going to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

I linked back to you a couple posts ago. (Post on how people find me on search engines.) I think you and I are still laughing over the easy cookie recipe debacle. :)

As far as what grosses me out...we're experiencing the invasion of the wierd stink bug black beetles in Southern California right now. CREEPOLA.

Veronica Mitchell said...

I did not know the name of flesh tunnels, but they definitely creep me out too. Very popular among coffehouse baristas. I don't get it.

Bargainista said...

Creepy...any insects and bugs and mice inside my home.

...a woman who can't smile or she'll wreck her make-up

...anyone who smiles and reveals the 'remnants' of food from the last 4 days stuck between their teeth.

KnittinChick said...

Creepy... being in Africa and having someone try to sell you a dead anteater... or at least you thought he was dead until his 'bodily functions' engage. Watch your own bodily functions threaten to engage.

Anonymous said...

Claire is a fan of 4 Square too! Rick is certain that it was not a man who designed their outfits. He can't be in the room while it is on either!
Doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Have a good one!

Teri said...

HEHEHEHE!!!! I actually had to click the link to know what flesh tunnels were! I thought it would be something else.....however, they don't gross me out, a lot of my friends have them.
Snakes, well, we have one that lives in our house and crawls all over us, so I guess that doesn't ick me out. comb overs!!!!! My dentist, when I was a kid, had an extreme comb over! He combed from the base of his head, forward, and his hair was NOT short. *shudder*
4 SQUARE!!!! Thank you for hating it as much as I do!!!