Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crib Chronicles

When we moved to the new house we knew that Sprout would have to go to a big boy bed. We decided we were going to give him a month or two before moving him out of the crib because there were so many transitions going on in his live at the time.


as we were unpacking and organizing we realized that meant we would once again have to reassemble the dumb thing.

Neither of us took engineering in university for a reason

The new thought became, "transition smanzition, he'll be fine."

No matter when we were going to do it we were nervous.

"Can't he just stay in the crib till he's twenty?" nervous.

Turns out we had nothing to be nervous about. He did supremely well. I had visions of him running around till midnight, after ripping every last thing out of his dresser, but he has only gotten off his bed once in two weeks. You could knock me over with a feather on that one.

The kid really is one giant contradiction.

So now the crib is in the garage waiting for a new home. One would think that this would make me sad, as it is another sign of the end of babies but it doesn't. At all.

Of course, now that I've blogged about his success, the child is never going to sleep on the bed again, but the last two weeks, they have been good!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sometimes, our kid can surprise us with goodness. Maybe he'll continue to stay in bed and make it a win-win.

KnittinChick said...

Sprout's pretty proud of his accomplishments. When I asked him about his bed, he told me that it's no big deal, you just lie down and sleep. Sorry, big guy, I forgot that you're all grown up now:-)