Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Legacy

This past Sunday was our fifth Father's Day without Way Cooler's dad. He passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly and is still missed tremendously.

My Father-in-law never had the opportunity to meet our kids and I often think of how much he would have enjoyed them. While it may be theologically suspect, I like to think that he has already taught Noah how to swim and is working on his pitching as we speak.

However, while he is gone, I still catch glimspes of him. He appears in things my husband says from time to time, to the point that I do a double take. Just last week Way Cooler was lamenting the driving skills of those around him and I swear I had heard his dad say the exact same thing when he and I used to commute together. (Scariest three months EVER by the way. He was a very good driver but I felt like I was riding with Mario Andretti across the Pitt River Bridge.)

While I hear him in my husband I see him in my son. In a million ways.

MY F-I-L was a larger than life character. He never met a stranger, everyone was a friend waiting to be made. He was confident and driven. He was full of life, mischief and advice. This is the exact description of Sprout, minus the advice, but give him another 6 months or so.

When Sprout cocks his head at me and grins, usually because he is trying to get out of a pickle, I see his grandpa. The go-for-it attitude and love for life that shines in his eyes has shone elsewhere before.

It is so good to see it again.


Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

What a sweet tribute. And what a nice way to reference it - about how it's nice to see him again. I've never looked at it that way.

I giggle when DH says things that his dad used to say - you know... the things that DH swore he would NEVER say but now does.

JCK said...

What a lovely post about your FIL. And how lucky that you got to know him, too. And can see him in your Sprout.

Your writing just gets better and better and its always been good, HG!

JCK said...

P.S. I want to add your blog link to my new sidebar thing, but I'm getting a message that there is no feed from your site. You can change that in your settings, if you're so inclined. :)

Janet said...

Another nice post. You'd better be careful. We might think you have a heart. ;-)

Dawn and Dale said...

I loved this one as well!!

Dale's dad passed away a year and a half ago and we miss him terrible as well! I'm glad my boys got to know their grandpa! I couldn't imagine!

Dale's dad had a habit of always biting on his tongue. (Kinda like it was gum or something!) Very weird I know!! Dale inherited the habit and now we have noticed Mr.Caden does it as well!! 3rd generation tongue chewer!!! lol I too think of Dale's dad everytime I see him doing it! :)

granola_granny said...

Great Post HG! I wondered after reading it... do you think they have water skiing in heaven?

Char and Avery said...

I loved this one too, although I'm a bit choked up. Love you big!!

Bargainista said...

When we have to go through the seemingly premature death of a loved one, what an ongoing comfort to be reminded daily of that one through our children. That doesn't always happen, or are we too preoccupied to really catch the glimpses?
Your FIL has to be proud of you!

KnittinChick said...

I saw your FIL driving once and thanked the Lord that I was stuck with slow SK drivers at the time. Mario would have been impressed by his driving skills. I thought about him the other day when I wanted to go up to the front of traffic and get in at the last moment. I said out loud, "HG's FIL this is for you!"