Monday, June 16, 2008

My Dad

So here it is, Father's day part deux.

(All that high school French really paid off. I can now be boring in TWO languages.)

Antique Mommy asked us last week for a fun tidbit about our dads. It was so hard to nail down just one. This would be because my dad is fun. Period.

I grew up in a normal home with normal ups and downs. Hallmark we were not, but we didn't take the fun out of dysfunctional either. Just normal.

However, one thing seemed to set us apart from some of my friend's families and that was how much fun we had.

My dad loves a good time. I remember dinners where no one could talk we were all laughing so hard, goofing off in the snow, begging my dad to tell us another funny story from his childhood and as teenagers laying on their bed talking and laughing way too late.

In fact, one of my earliest memories is laying in bed at night listening to my dad laugh at something funny on TV or that someone from their company had said. His laughter was reassuring and often lulled me to sleep.

I tend to be a bit uptight (understatement of the century) and often take myself and situations waaay too seriously. Often though, when I am really getting my knickers in a knot, that legacy of laughter and joy comes sweeping back and I am able (occasionally, but I'm working on it) to step back from the situation and see the humour.

Because you know, there is always humour to be found. My dad showed me that.

Happy Father's Day Dad.


Antique Mommy said...

I think being able to see the humor in life and laugh easily is the very essence of a well-lived life. Lucky girl you are to have such a daddy.

Janet said...

That was another great post. Your dad sounds really special.

soleil said...

Sounds like your dad was a great guy. I tend to look at life too seriously sometimes too. I like to try and see the funny side of every situation

Tez said...

geeez have I ever missed you!!!! (not your fault of course!) I'm really moved to read about your memory of your dad's laughter, I remember very FEW, count on one hand, FEW times I ever heard my father or saw my father laugh.
Now, as an adult, I seem to have the ability to crack him up, and my children are exceptional at bringing him to wheezing laughter. Better late than never!

Bargainista said...

i could hear your dad's hearty laugh all the way through reading your blog. Nice memories!

KnittinChick said...

You're right... your dad gets me laughing all the time. Now I try to crack him up before he gets me!