Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Could it Be?

This afternoon I have personally confirmed that the remote for the DVD player is not

In any of the 12 toy boxes
Under the couch
Behind the couch
In the dress-up box
Behind the toy shelves
On either bookshelf
In the blankets we store in the playroom
In the entertainment unit
Behind the entertainment unit
In any of the 6 billion trucks in the playroom
Hidden between any couch cushion
In the doll house (we are a equal opportunity family)
In any pocket that has been worn for the last 3 days.

I am seriously considering x-rays.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Wouldn't it be funny if I packed it in my stuff when I was at your house just to mess with you?

Don't worry, I didn't (but only because I know what you would do to me!)

Tez said...

check the garbage.

happygeek said...

It wasn't there either.

KnittinChick said...

Hmmm... underneath the beds in the bedroom?
In the laundry piles?

Bargainista said...

How about in the phone recharger, some really busy people get them mixed up, (i know it's usually older people whose eyesight is going). Or did you take it down to the cold storage room w. you when you went for the potatoes, and were distracted so you left it beside the Hawkins bag of Cheesies that you were snacking on? And the reason why you took it downstairs would be b/c the boys would be turning on their favorite dvd that you said they couldn't watch. Just a wild thought, trying to help!

Carla said...

check the TRASH
Check the oven
check the refrigerator
check the dryer
check a pillowcase

yes...we've found remotes in all those locations.

Janet said...

Did "someone" flush it?

granola_granny said...

Look in a 'safe place'. Oh the many things that I have lost there! If you can't find it, do try and move on..... I'm still looking for the second largest ring belonging to our ring stacker, and that was only 28 years ago.

heather of the EO said...

Hi! I found your blog via your comment on Love Well. Such a great blog you have here--glad to have stumbled upon it.

I can NEVER find ANY remote. I like your x-ray idea.

Or a remote-sniffing dog, perhaps?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Just getting back to comment on this post now. (I did read it last week, for the record.)

Did you find it yet?