Friday, September 19, 2008


So. My dumb cold has been getting to the point that I was pretty certain I had a sinus infection. The aching teeth were the giveaway. So, I decided to stop putting it off and just go to the doctor.

Turns out I do have a sinus infection. As it also turns out, my Doctor wants me to try something else instead of an antibiotic.


Now let me back up a little. I am not a real big fan of non-traditional, herbal, homeopath-type medicine. If you want to take a supplement, I totally support your right to do so. Personally I will continue to support the pharmaceutical behemoths.

I have always been rather skeptical of alternative medicine. It worries me that the practitioners of such all end in path. You've got your naturopath and homeopath but then you have psychopath and sociopath. This may all be a coincidence, but it really isn't a risk I am willing to take.

My most recent encounter with acupuncture further cemented this way of thinking.

So when I went to the Doctor today I was looking for an antibiotic.

Instead I got a rather large bottle that I am supposed to fill full of salt water, stick up my nose and squeeze. Ummm hmmm. I'll get right on it.

Drugs, man, just give me the drugs.

However, being the compliant patient that I am, I came home and rinsed.

Have you ever gone swimming and gotten a large quantity of water up your nose? Imagine doing that on purpose. Several times. LOTS OF FUN, I TELL YOU! Can't wait to do that again tomorrow morning!!!

How did it work?

Well, it currently feels as if King Kong is jackbooting me in the head and someone else has poured acid down my throat.

A delightful sensation that wasn't covered in the instructions.

I'll keep you posted.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Well, snot!!! I hope you feel better... and soon.

Janet said...

Gross. I'm not sure I could do that. But my mom swears by it. Hope it will work for you!!!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm surprised they recommended that if you already have an infection. I can understand it if you have a head cold with serious congestion, but once the bacteria have moved in, I would think they would want to get on it.

Hope it feels better today! I don't envy your next round of treatment.

Toothfairy Mom said...

I've always wondered if that stuff worked or what it felt like. Having read you vivid description I think I'll pass. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Char said...

Ah ha ha!! I have done it, although my doctor warned me that it feels like you are drowning in salt water!! It does work, but I've only used it before an infection got really bad. Good luck!! Blow blow blow!!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Knowing how much Spud and Sprout enjoy watching you throw up, they must love this new salt water rinse!

Tez said...

Oh man, I feel for you. My little blond has a permanent stuffy nose like that and every once in a while I MAKE her take the sinus rinse just because somehow, her nose has to get cleaned out! It's nasty and gross and I'm sorry you have to have it.
Tell him you'd rather have Entex-LA

KnittinChick said...

Don't knock the naturopathic ways... I'm becoming more of a fan lately. Hope you're doing swimmingly well!

Heather of the EO said...

I have one of these nasal washes sitting in my bathroom closet. I stare at it and read the instructions but I just haven't been able to do it! I have the worst sinuses, they ruin my life. But I'm still scared. and I kept telling people, I just can't try it because it will feel like when you get water up your nose! Now I know it's true. So sorry, lady. That stinks! (But you wouldn't know that:)
I also wanted to say that I loved your comment on my COLIC post - people told me I was spoiling Asher too, just put him down and leave him, he'll stop crying! uh huh, "you wanna take him home and try that? Let me know how that goes for ya." :)