Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Pirate Will Do Anything

This year for Halloween Way Cooler were tied up at his fancy function so my parents took the boys out to their tiny town to go trick or treating.  I must say, I approached this with some trepidation after the whole fiasco last year.  But oh what a difference a year makes.

About the only thing that remained the same was the costume.  Spud has not clued in that you can be something different every year for Halloween and I plan to ride that pony till the tail falls off.  He was quite happy to be the exact same pirate that he was last year.  Only this time, he actually kept the costume on.

After doing a string of houses Sprout was beginning to get pretty tired so my dad took him back home and asked Spud if he wanted to do a few more houses.

"No Poppa, I want to do a lot more houses."  He has finally realized the whole point of trick or treating is to get candy.  He all but slept with his treat bag Saturday night.  If he has to be a pirate to get a food it is now a sacrifice he is willing to make.


Char said...

Too cute!! Gabe would go all night, too, for the candy, but Emma tuckers out quick. It's not worth it for her!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

My 5-year old finally clicked with the whole candy extravaganza and kept going until dad's legs couldn't take it any more. They got home after I'd already turned off our own porch light. :)

Knittinchick said...

Good thing Poppa is such a trooper... I love the sleeping with candy thing. We could make ours last until almost Christmas... it rocked!

Veronica Mitchell said...

My husband has started calling our daughters "the pirates who won't eat anything." It fits.

I keep trying to subscribe to your blog in Google reader, but every time I try, it subscribes to instead. Has this happened to anyone else?

Janet said...

LOL! I loved that story! Sigh.....I ate way too much candy. And we don't even DO Halloween. How bad is that?