Friday, November 14, 2008

Underneath a Full Bright Moon

The bright, full moon hung above the house.

A house where two toddlers were busily jumping on their mother's last nerve.

Her head was swollen with a cold and self-disgust.

She was a trained educator and yet she had just lost her temper.  "What kind of a mommy hollers at a 4 years old?" 

The same one whose children took two hours, four time outs several lost privileges  and one spanking to clean a playroom.

She won't be writing any parenting books soon.

The moon in all it's fullness shone on as bedtime progressed.


Ever so slowly.

Her nerve was now throbbing.  The next tantrum would be hers.  It would be a doozy.

"Under the Moon mommy, sing Under the Moon"


"Skinny minny song."

Oh yeah, their song.  The song she finished most nights with.

Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarkiny doo I love you
(with all your tempers and my failures)

Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarkiny doo I love you
(though I do always not show it well)

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening, underneath the moon
(even under the fullest of full moons)

Skinamarinky dinky dink, Skinamarkiny  doo I love you 

The moon shone on as full as ever as the mommy headed to tend to her evening chores humming.

I really do now, 
I love you.


Debbie said...

If only those that had never yelled at their kids wrote parenting books, there wouldn't be any books! I love that song too. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Knittinchick said...

Oh yes... HG saves the day again with ending the day reminded about her deep love for the preschoolers that took her sanity for a full day... only to be handed back for her evening household cleansing ritual (commonly known as putting the toys back in the toybox).

TeeHart said...

Oh I know what you mean! By the time yesterday was over I am quite sure I won the Worst Mother of the Year Award.
I woke up this morning and said, "God give me abundant grace today for my child". Thank goodness His mercies are new every morning and mine can be too.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

There must have been SOMETHING about the moon yesterday because I'm noticing a trend across mom blogs in my reader today. I myself blogged about an eerily similar kind of day. It's nice to know all the insanity is a team effort, and by the time the sun goes down, we've all made peace and love our kids all over again.

Anonymous said...

As a mom and teacher of many years, I remember each month at the time of the full moon how "off the wall" children seemed to become. This was true at home or in the classroom.

Thank goodness we can bring our trials to our Heavenly Father and receive forgiveness. Your boys are such charmers.

When I read what they asked for, it brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect ending to a horrific day!


Janet said...

Sounds like our house ! I have had those days lately. In spades.

Trina said...

Normal Moms have those days,extraordinary Moms end them with love and a song.

granola_granny said...
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granola_granny said...

Thanks Trina, I love your comment.

momofthecrazies said...

I agree with Granola Granny - I love Trina's comment. It made me all teary-eyed.

Anonymous said...

Remember sweetheart kids love us no matter how bad we blow it. I know cause my three still talk to me and allow me to be pa pa to their kids. Just think full moons are forever and so is their love.

JCK said...

Amazing how a little song can turn things around. Hope you are feeling better!