Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just the Short of It

Spud had his 4 year old immunizations the other day.  In Alberta they are administered by a public health nurse at a community health clinic.  The nurse also checks weight and height and general milestones.  This is usually where people run into problems.  The public health nurses are wonderful women but a bit earnest.

Really, really earnest.

At the four year old shots the focus is on BMI.  They are trying to identify kids who are at risk for obesity and teach their parents about healthy eating and living.  Let me be the first to say that while I am a bit tubby and do not have the best snacking habits, my kids really do.  They never have pop, I don't even get them chocolate for Easter and such, and a potato chip is a very rare thing.  They eat tons of fruit and veggies, home-made bread and only lean meat.  I also try to get them outside and active as much as humanly possible.  

But, we are short.  All of us.  So, Spud is in the 25th percentile for height, 75th for weight and his little BMI is off the chart.  I'm ANYTHING but concerned.  However, I had to sit through the little teaching time on nutrition just the same.  You'll be very proud of me for not rolling my eyes at all.  I really wanted to.  I was even gracious.  Must be Canadian. 

The very best part is when I got home I was curious so I calculated Sprout's BMI.  His is worse than Spud's.  Those of you who know us IRL stop laughing.  I'm serious.  Yes indeed.  My three year old who still wears 18 months pants because 2t slips right off his non-existent hips is at extreme risk for obesity.

It's just funny.  At least to me.  Four years ago I would have been in a dead panic.  I'd have planned extra exercise times, really re-vamped our menu and spent waaay too much time on Dr. Google.  It's amazing how even just four years of navigating the world of developmental delay, acid reflux and facing the startling reality that every kid is different has made me mellow.  Well, as mellow as this high strung geek is gonna get.

Now if I could just pass that on to the health nurse.


Veronica Mitchell said...

My husband and I are fat. And our girls are skinny, skinny, skinny. It is a strange thing. My sister is very thin and fit and is TERRIFIED that her stocky daughter will be fat - because, you know, that would be the WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

Instructions on how to feed children irritate me. You cannot feed a child something she does not want to eat. No doctor or nurse in the world can change that.

a Tonggu Momma said...

We recently got the Wii Fit. And the balance board doesn't even register the Tongginator's weight when she's playing the games because she is so tiny. But... but... it calculates her BMI. There is something seriously wrong with that.

Knittinchick said...

Ok... i laughed at the thought of Sprout having BMI challenges. That is some serious funnies for me this morning. thank you for making my mental break from work that... a mental break... excuse me while I get off the floor from ROTFL

CC said...

Go go liquid diet!!! ;)

My 3.5 year old can still wear 18 month size clothes. It's a Wii bit scary (ha ha! get it!?)

Heather of the EO said...

Isn't it funny how we lighten up and just kind of go with it, knowing that most likely things will just work themselves out.

If Miles had a speech delay as my firstborn, I probably would have been spinning crazy stressed out circles. But with Asher, I'm all "eh, whatever." I'll worry if I REALLY have to worry, you know?

BMI BMSchmi :)

momofthecrazies said...

It only took me two minutes to figure out what IRL stood for. I'm just not as saavy as you! And yes, it kills me about Sprout's BMI!

JCK said...

It is a great feeling when you realize that you don't have to worry about something in relation to your children. Wisdom....

It can get absolutely ridiculous relying on charts.