Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi there.

Miss me?

How about pretending that you did?  That'd be super.

Anyway, all I've had recently are tiny snippets.  It kinda makes me wish I was on Twitter, but then I'd be all worried about who was following me, and I'd spend even more time on this machine.  Which is not a good thing.  SO, I'm going to subject you all to my mental twits, all at once.  

Lucky you.
(for my tech-less followers, Twitter asks the following question and you have to answer it in 140 letters or less, what are you doing?)

-Trying to figure out how in the world Amy Beth can blog and dry her hair at the same time.  I need both hands to do my hair and have even considered co opting a small child into helping.  Which shows the level of desperation I feel when doing my hair.

- Trying to get over my SHOCK that we are not going to have a summer election.  What, you mean this whole thing was just political posturing during the midst of silly season?  SHOCKED I tell you.

-Loving this.  Iris, Iris, Iris, you do know that you live in Canada right?  Yes, you are in the most conservative province but still.  Rick Mercer just hit the roof with glee.  You've given him fodder for his entire season next year.  Honey, we're in a liberal Country.  You can think these things, you just can not SAY these things.  Especially in front of the camera.

-Cleaning pee.  SO GLAD that Way Cooler taught the boys to stand up and do their business.  SO GLAD.

- Wishing my kids knew how to make their own breakfast.  They are little tyrants in the morning until I get some food in their bellies.  

- Eating chocolate. 

- Washing all the fans.  I've pulled them out of the basement now that it is summer.  Which by the way is the quickest way to ensure that it will snow again next weekend.  The year our fans were all hidden in boxes and we couldn't get at them?  One of the hottest summers that I remember.

- Trying to explain to a four year old why he will never carry children.  He's not catching on.

-  Watching So you Think You Can Dance.  I am now in my happy place. 


momofthecrazies said...

I love that Spud thinks he'll be carrying a baby! Crazy #1 has started telling people that I'm pregnant. Super!! (Just for those of you who know me, NO, I'm NOT pregnant!!)

Knittinchick said...

Spud not carrying a baby-ROTFL... maybe Way Cooler can explain that one as he affirms the boys on their standing-up-using-the-facilities skills!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I puffy heart SYTYCD. I'm just saying...

Janet said...

Iris's comment SHOCKED me. What politician in her right mind would say that OUT LOUD? Oh dear. (Not that she's wrong, but STILL!)

What? no election? Like anyone actually believed they would do it. Bunch of dorks.

Chocolate= Bliss

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

I've got to write a post on this, because it's really not as hard as you might think with a little hep from my my secret weapon: VELCRO ROLLERS.