Monday, January 4, 2010

NEw Years Resoluations

Lots of bloggers are posting their new Years Resolutions online for accountability.

I like that. So I thought I'd play along.

Here are the Geek's resolutions.

1. In 2010 I plan to always be on time.

2. I am going to work hard at not shopping for shoes as much.

3. I resolve to make all my own bread.

4. I plan to avoid paying full price for anything. (I'd link, but if you've been here for any length of time you know how tough that's going to be for me.)

5. I plan to make sure I do not hyper -organize my family.

What about you?


Nicole said...

Haha, put the Sharpie down already!

Knittinchick said...

Step away from the organizing blogs, step away!

momofthecrazies said...

My New Year's Resolution is to hyper-organize my family. Geek included.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a stretch! Your kids Papa is so proud of you. Don't know why you stopped at #5 Also watch out for your sister as she is probly serious. Thanks for the boys this week-end. Papa

JCK said...

Hello, lovely, Happy Geek. Just watned to wish you blessings in this New Year. Your resolutions sound very reasonable. I like it!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I still don't understand what's wrong with a Sharpie... *grin*

As for the rest of these things... I don't know... it sounds like such a stretch for you. Are you aiming too high? *snicker*

CC said...

I'm still thinking about it. Can I think until 12/31??